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Our Role

  • Brand And Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards Design & Print
  • Brochure Design & Print
  • Social Media Graphic Design

Project Challenges

The brand and strategy for Winwood Nantucket, LLC was to create a luxury vacation rental home that offers the most beautiful scenery and relaxation in the heart of Nantucket island. The logo was to be based on a watercolor painting of the island and its surrounding waters as well as the owner’s favorite color. The business cards, brochure, and Instagram account were all to be used in the same design to tie them together as a cohesive brand.

The social media graphics and marketing approach would include different views of the island from different angles and times of day to show off its beauty in all kinds of lighting conditions. The Instagram platform will also highlight the availability throughout the season for potential renters.

Solutions & Results

Showcase that, Winwood Nantucket, LLC is a luxury vacation rental home located in the heart of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The property offers an exclusive and secluded getaway for those looking to escape the city.

The brand identity was built around the idea of indulgence and family summer vacation memories. The target audience is affluent travelers who want to experience a unique vacation destination in a luxurious environment.

Our team designed the logo and brand color concept to contain elements that convey luxury and exclusivity. The colors are warm and inviting, with earth green tones and some blue accents to reflect the sky on the sandy beaches of Nantucket. The logo was originally hand-drawn and then the graphics team too it from there to create the final digital, clean beautiful lines.

The business cards on both sides were designed, as one side will feature a photo from inside the house and another side will feature text about amenities offered by Winwood Nantucket, LLC. The text is clean and easy to read so potential renters can quickly understand what Winwood Nantucket has to offer them as an exclusive vacation rental home in Nantucket, MA

Results: Significant increase in renters’ interest and reservations where owners are seeing an increase renters booking  and/or inquiring about reserving this beautiful luxury home.  

Social Media Marketing Designed By Our Team

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